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"Our business is our people and it is critical that we retain them. It is important to us to support women in making the transition from work to maternity and back again. The Executive Coaching Consultancy, through the provision of maternity coaching helps us to do this and reduce the risk of losing our talent."

Sasha Hardman, Head of HR - Support, Policy & Systems, Allen and Overy

Coach profile

Geraldine Gallacher

Johanna Fullerton

Johanna is a Business Psychologist who is dedicated to bringing about positive change for people at work. Johanna has 20 years experience consulting and coaching in a range of organisations. She has worked within the private and public sector and on both a national and international level. In addition to working as an executive coach she has also specialised in talent management, leadership development, selection and assessment and the management of diversity.

Coaching Style

Johanna is a strong advocate of positive psychology and works with her clients to maximise their fulfilment at work. She will aim to fully understand their leadership ambition and drivers and then together they map the strengths to leverage in order to attain this goal, the potential or skills to develop and the risks they may need to manage along the way. Her coaching approach is solution focused and will be supported with a clear action plan.

Maternity Coaching

Johanna has researched, consulted and published in the area of diversity and inclusion throughout her career. She brings this background together with her passion for coaching and personal development in the delivery of maternity workshops and coaching.
Johanna herself has two young children and has firsthand experience of managing the transitions from being Managing Partner to motherhood to being a fulltime working mother.


Prior to establishing SEVEN, Psychology at Work Johanna was the Managing Partner of a leading practice of Business Psychologists in Dublin and is the author of a number of publications, including the award winning 'Managing the Mosaic; Diversity in Action'.


Johanna is a Business Psychologist, who is a registered member of the Psychological Society of Ireland and a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with the British Psychological Society. Johanna is also a founder member of the Association for Coaching Ireland and is currently a Council member for Ireland.
Johanna is qualified to use a range of personality and values profiling tools and will also utilise 360 degrees feedback processes when appropriate.
Johanna herself actively ensures that her coaching services are of the highest standard. Michael Cavanagh, the Associate Director of the Coaching Psychology Institute in the University of Sydney is her Supervisor and she also undertook an Executive Coaching Development Programme with the University of Sydney.


Johanna's clients include: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, BDO Simpson Xavier, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sara Lee International, Siemens, Ulster Bank, Wyeth Biotech. She was also a member of the Diageo International Coaching Faculty, selected worldwide to work with their senior leaders over a year long development programme.

Contact details

Office: +353 86 021 0070
Mobile: +353 86 021 0070