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"As a senior lawyer in a high profile firm, becoming pregnant was somewhat of a novelty to my colleagues. The reassurance that my sessions with my coach gave me has been absolutely invaluable. I was ready to resign and give up on the many years of studying and training but, using her strategies, I am now better equipped to deal with the pressures of combining parenthood with my career as a lawyer. She both soothed and smoothed my return to work and I now look forward with greater confidence to the path ahead."

Senior solicitor, Nabarro LLP

Maternity Coaching

Retaining Your Key Women

Are you doing all you can to ensure your "maternity leavers" become "maternity returners"?

Maternity Coaching supports high-achieving women to successfully manage this important transition in the context of their professional lives.

We work alongside market-leading organisations to improve retention and realise their diversity strategies.

Key issues faced by businesses and why maternity coaching helps fill the gap:

  • “Brain drain” of female talent causing talent gap
  • Cost of losing women at their peak – training costs vary but one client put the costs to train to senior level at 200k. A leading law firm client has seen retention rates improve after introducing maternity coaching from 78% to 90%.
  • Improves retention and helps support a faster return to full productivity post transition. A major investment bank client now has a return rate post maternity of 90%.
  • Importance of strong employer brand that attracts best employees

We provide one-to-one coaching and workshop programmes to support businesses and employees before, during and after maternity.

Click here to read more about what we do. Our clients range from major financial institutions to law firms and Plc’s to small/mid sized businesses where retention of female talent is important. Our team of experienced executive maternity coaches are all working parents and we have carried out a number of independent research projects into the impact of maternity coaching and are frequently involved in commenting to the media and writing articles