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"The Executive Coaching Consultancy provides us with a maternity coaching programme for women from all areas of the firm. The coaches help individuals to manage the pressures and responsibilities that can arise during an important period of change which not only affects their career but also their personal life. This is an invaluable service which helps us to retain talent in an increasingly competitive market and to support women working in a high pressure environment."

Caroline Harding - Director of Learning and Development, Herbert Smith LLP

Maternity News archive

Bumps and the Boardroom
Pre and post natal holistic therapist Lisa Barnwell shares the positive effects that pregnancy can have on the brain.


Ashurst’s inspiring ‘Women in Business’ event marks International Women’s Day
International Women’s Day was held in March and to coincide with it, international law firm Ashurst created a three-day programme of events called ‘Women in Business’. This included a lively and entertaining panel session that covered a wide range of topics.


Bank of America Merrill Lynch and the ECC discover the power of Returning Talent
This transformative programme provides inspiration and guidance to women on resuming their career after taking time out to raise a family. The programme in March generated some fantastic feedback from participants praising the openness and inspiration of the programme leaders and their confidence-boosting advice. We are thrilled to be now taking Returning Talent State-side.


Avoiding wardrobe panic - how to keep it simple now you’re a working mum
Fashion and brand consultant, Rachel Butterworth, provides new mums with invaluable and practical advice on how best to organise their wardrobes in preparation for a simpler, more stylish and hassle-free return to the office.


Spotlight on Australia and South Africa
We add even more of an international dimension to our newsletter, by welcoming insight into issues facing our affiliate partner organisations in Australia and South Africa. Lisa Lurie and Melany Green share here a snapshot of their experiences and expertise. What can we learn and how are others countries addressing the need to develop more women leaders?


The Balancing Act of Pregnancy, Motherhood and Work
Women’s Health Physiotherapist Sarah Lorentzen explores the wellbeing aspects of balancing pregnancy, motherhood and work. From the moment you discover you are pregnant, so begins the journey of balancing motherhood with a career.


16 Ways to Be a Good Mother
Know what your MBTI preference is? Have you ever considered how this impacts your approach to parenting? The author of ‘Mothering Styles’ explains how our MBTI profile affects our approach to parenting, our strengths and how we deal with being a parent.


Have the Lost Talent Returned?
We review our new Returning Talent programme which was designed for Bank of America Merrill Lynch and hear how many of the talented women on career breaks have now found new roles and renewed confidence.


Don’t call your child clever
Most parents think they are doing the right thing by telling their child they are ‘clever’ or ‘good’ but parenting experts at the Parent Practice share research which explains how this can actually be damaging, and, what to do instead.


Top 10 tips for conscious co-parenting
Having a baby is a life-changing experience, but too often women take on much of the responsibility of childcare, with potentially career-suffering results. Here, Geraldine Gallacher looks at some top tips to make co-parenting work for you.