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"The Executive Coaching Consultancy provides us with a maternity coaching programme for women from all areas of the firm. The coaches help individuals to manage the pressures and responsibilities that can arise during an important period of change which not only affects their career but also their personal life. This is an invaluable service which helps us to retain talent in an increasingly competitive market and to support women working in a high pressure environment."

Caroline Harding - Director of Learning and Development, Herbert Smith LLP

Flex in the City

Over 80 women executives attended our second networking event ‘Flex in the City’ which was hosted by law firm Bingham. Author Alison Maitland shared her views on the future of work and women had an opportunity to network and share experiences.

Flex in the City - Speakers

Left to right: Geraldine Gallacher, Alison Maitland, Natasha Harrison, Emma Spitz

Senior women from some of the City’s leading organisations alongside entrepreneurs and executives from smaller start-up enterprises attended the event at which Alison Maitland, author of ‘Future Work’ and the best seller ‘Why Women mean Business’, was the keynote speaker.

Also speaking was Partner Natasha Harrison of Bingham, and Managing Director Geraldine Gallacher of the Executive Coaching Consultancy – both working parents who are successful businesswomen combining busy professional and personal lives. An enjoyable evening was had by all, and as well as some great networking, attendees said they also enjoyed meeting others working in the City and facing similar challenges.

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Posted on: 01.03.2012

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