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"Our business is our people and it is critical that we retain them. It is important to us to support women in making the transition from work to maternity and back again. The Executive Coaching Consultancy, through the provision of maternity coaching helps us to do this and reduce the risk of losing our talent."

Sasha Hardman, Head of HR - Support, Policy & Systems, Allen and Overy

Our Team

"Geraldine "Emma "Kate "Sue "Debbie
Geraldine Gallacher Emma Spitz Kate Buller Sue Raby Debbie Moore
"David "Tom "Fiona "Sian "Joy
David Ashley Tom Beardshaw Fiona Bioletti Sian Bryant Joy Bussell
"Torunn "Karen "Claudia "Jo "Kerrith
Torunn Dahl Karen Falcocchio Claudia Filsinger Jo Fullerton Kerrith Harris
"Frances "Natalia "Natalia "Lisa "Jo
Frances King Natalia Martinez Kirsty Martinez Lisa Middlemass Jo Partington
"Charlotte "Ana "Miranda "Jane "Paula
Charlotte Phillips Ana Oliveria Pinto Miranda Rock Jane Storer Paula Wilson

We have 16 coaches located in the UK and an international network of associates that we call upon to help us service client demands across Europe, Australia, US and Asia as required.

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